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  JVC Color Video Conference Camera - $12.00           Mr Gasket Degree Wheel - #1570 - $10.75           Franklin Mint Penguins - Wow - $35.00           Franklin Mint Penguins - Whee - $35.00           Mopar 383 413 426w 440 Heavy Duty HP Rocker Arm Shafts - $75.00           Genuine Intel P3 665 MHz Computer - $60.00           Panasonic HP600 Cell Phone - $20.00           Franklin Mint Penguins - Watch Out - $35.00           1950s Revere 8mm Movie Camera - $25.00           Mopar 383-440 Copper Exhaust Gaskets - $25.00          
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    Posting your items for sale here at: SE Auctions is as Easy as 1-2-3.  Simply register if you have not already by clicking (New Registration) here or at the top or bottom of any auction page).  Our system automatically mails your password usually within a few seconds (no need to disconnect while you wait).  Once you have the password, you might want to copy it from your e-mail and go to (Change Password) link to replace our rather obtuse collection of words and numbers with something you might more easily remember.

We do reserve the right to add more premium features that other auction sites have like bold listings, featured auctions, and the like.  For those, we charge a nominal rate.

Posting items for sale is accomplished by clicking on (Post New Item) here or at the top or bottom of any auction screen.  Fill in the form that pops up with a short descriptive title (make it snazzy to get people's attention).  Next, select the category the item should be in.  If you don't see an appropriate category in our list, please use the (Suggest New Category) form.  This will tell us that you need a new category to be added to our list.  Be a little patient, please, we receive LOTS of e-mail.

Pictures sell items!  You'll need a place on the web to put your picture.  Once you have it accessible, then link it to your item posting by entering the URL (its web address like, for example in the IMAGE URL box.

Decide how many days you want to offer your item at auction.  Our system supports 1-14 days.  Most people use seven days.  We also have a free auto relist feature!

Enter a description.  You can simply type your description into the Description: box but we also support HTML just like eBAY and the other biggies.  So feel free to use your favorite HTML editor (like FrontPage), then cut and paste your descriptive masterpiece into the Description box.  Be sure to include such facts as who pays for shipping and how much that is.  Also detail the type of payment you will accept, such as personal checks, Visa and MasterCard (and/or other credit cards), will you ship C.O.D., and so forth.

After the description is complete, enter your username in the Your Username: box and your password in the box below.

Below that is the Your Starting Bid box.  The starting bid is very important.  If you put a very low price just remember, you might get it!  The best auction strategy is to start an item at the lowest price you are willing to sell it for, then anything above that is a pleasant bonus!

  One thing on our starting bids you should be aware of: Let's say you want to start an item for $5.  First set the Bid Increment Box (the default value is $1 but you can change it to fifty cents, or whatever).  Your starting bid will be $4!  Thus, the first bidder will be asked to bid $5 (what you entered plus the bid increment of $1).  Please make sure you understand how the above works, or you might start the bidding at too high a level and your item not sell.

Posting items on this and any internet auction is a legally binding action.  Your are irrevocably promising, assuming you get one or more bids, to sell the item and ship it promptly after payment is received.  Mutual trust between buyer and seller are what drives online auctions.  We will not tolerate scammers or breakers of promises on this auction.

Once the posting form is filled in to your satisfaction, hit the Preview button.  The system shows how the posted item will look.  If that pleases you, click on the Post button and the auction is live.

You will be notified automatically by e-mail if the item sells, or if it ends without selling.  At that time, feel free to repost unsold items.  If someone sends you e-mail asking about an item, please respond promptly and courteously.  It's simply good business.  We expect you to be honest and truthful in the descriptions of posted items.  Anyone abusing this auction will be banned.

So, post away and the very best of luck to you from everyone here at SE Auctions and please remember if you have any questions drop us an e-mail to Auction Administrator.

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